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Questions & Answers

Q. Why Does my Rochester Quadrajet say Carter on It ?
A. Carter Manufactured a few Quadrajets over the years for Rochester they are
still Rochester carbs and for getting parts you should look them up as Rochesters
Where to find number

Q. How many CFM's is my Quadrajet ?
A. Most Quadrajets are rated at 750 CFM .That doesn't mean they will push the full
750 CFM's in to the motor ,the way they are designed they will flow as much as
your engine will take up to 750 CFM,s .They did make a few models that flowed
850 CFM's they were put on motor homes and some big block engines . The Doug Roe book does a good job of showing the differences.

Q. What did  my Quadrajet come on ?
A. First you will need the Rochester carb number Check here .Then you can use our
Databases to check for your carb info General info , Muscle Car Info , or just
decode the number

Q. Do you guys know how to spell "carburetor" ?
A. We do know how to spell "carburetor" but many people in the world don`t .So for those customers we spell it wrong so the search engines can still find us. We even own the domain because of it. Just for the heck of it carburetor in German is "Vergaser" , Spanish "carburador" , French "carburateur" , Italian "carburatore" .

Q. What Does Numbers matching mean ?
A. Numbers matching means you are looking for the exact numbers to be on you rebuilt carb, most rebuilt carbs will look and performe like your original carb but not have the exact number on it You can also ask for Date code match which means you are looking for a exact date code match

Q. Why would I need Numbers matching carb ?
A. If you are restoring a muscle car to original condition or showing your vehicle.

Q. Why is my Weber stamped DGAV and every one calles it a  DGEV
A. All True Weber DGEVs start off as a DGAV and a elecrtic choke is added whitch makes them a DGEV E for Electric Choke (same is true with the DFEV)

Q. Why does my Weber have a sticker that says Weber and not a casted in Weber logo on the body
A. Because it is not a true weber all true Webers will have a Weber logo casted into the body - video