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Rebushing and Rethreading ( Helicoil )Your Carb or TBI 
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Bushings 5/16 , 8mm, 3/8 shafts

If you're rebuilding your own carb, you will need to have the throttle shafts rebushed. If you don't, this could cause all sorts of problems including vacuum leaks, stalling, bucking, poor idle, emission problems, sticky throttle blades, TPS adjustment problems. These problems can throw the carb adjustment off and it will never adjust properly. We can rebush your carbs or TBI throttle shafts with brass bushings to bring them back to factory specifications. 
---Bushing Primary 5/16 , 8mm or 3/8 Shafts  * $Call
---Bushing Primary & Secondary Shaft * $Call
Fuel Injected
---Bushing Primary Shaft (Fuel Injection TBI) * $Call
* Bushings: You must remove base plate from carburetor before sending

Rethreading Fuel Inlets

---Rethread fuel inlet Quadrajet small (Quadrajet Helicoil 7/8 inch)* $Call
---Rethread fuel inlet Quadrajet large (Quadrajet Helicoil 1 inch)* $Call
---Rethread fuel inlet Rochester 2 barrel large * $Call
---Rethread fuel inlet Rochester 2 barrel large Marine * $Call
* Rethreading: Just send bare body or top and fuel fitting
To have us rebush or rethread your carb or TBI send it to:
Carbs Unlimited
727 22nd st NE
Auburn Wa 98002

Call and let us know its coming: 1-253-833-7573.
Turn around time is Call
(Bushings: You must remove base plate from carburetor before sending)
(Rethreading: Just send bare body or top and fuel fitting)


WARNING  Success rate is only 99.999% for bushings and rethreads
There is a chance the base plate or body can be ruined beyond repair in this process

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